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Vortrag: Taler - Talk

Electronic payments for a liberal society!

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GNU Taler is an online payment system that uses Chaum's blind signatures to provide robust unbreakable privacy for customers along with accountability for merchants. Taler avoids the the performance issues that plague Byzantine fault-tolerant consensus-based solutions, and is developed entirely as free software, enabling groups outside the usual financial system to deploy online payments.

These two features, along with GNU Taler being developer entirely as free software, allow Taler to provide far cheaper transactions than the existing financial system, or block-chain based alternatives. In particular, Taler can realistically be deployed by groups outside the usual financial system.

In the 30 minute presentation, we will give a demonstration of Taler. In the subsequent workshop we invite Web shop developers to sit down with us to work together on adding Taler support to your Web shop or Web site.

If desired, we can explain the internals of the Taler protocol, including how it accomplishes goals such as partial spending and anonymous refunds.


Tag: 14.04.2017
Anfang: 15:00 Uhr
Dauer: 00:30
Raum: Vortragssaal

Sprache: en



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