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Workshop: Towards automatic end to end mail encryption

mail encryption overview and hands-on Autocrypt sessions

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Email has been declared dead but refuses to die. And there are good reasons to re-inforce efforts to improve it. Or do you want to have everything tied to trackable proprietary mobile phone numbers? The session starts with an overview of past and present mail encryption approaches, namely traditional PGP, the pEp project and the relatively new Web key service and Autocrypt specs and efforts. It dives into and demos Autocrypt and evolves into a hands-on session for getting it to work for participants.

The interactive session is co-produced by Xenia Ermoshina from Paris and holger krekel from Freiburg. Here is a rough plan for the interactive session:

- 1/2 hour mail encryption overview: PGP, pEp, WKS, Autocrypt

- 1/2 hour Autocrypt status and code demo

- 1 1/2h getting things to work, gathering problems, fixing them

- 1/2 hour closing up, feedback, summarizing

For the "hands-on" part you'll need a Laptop (linux/osx) based mail setup where you know where your mails are locally and where you can modify outgoing mails. The precise requirements depend on the status of the ongoing Autocrypt related development efforts in py-autocrypt (a command line tool to support Autocrypt deployments) and in Enigmail. With some luck, by Easterhegg time there could be an alpha of K9 as well to try out.


Tag: 15.04.2017
Anfang: 20:30 Uhr
Dauer: 03:00
Raum: Großes Kolleg

Sprache: en


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