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Workshop: Hacker Calendar Radar

Lets Do it, Finally!

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We are all sick of the fact that there is no central hub where we get to know about events close or far away from us, aren't we? I am, and I am looking for suitable software for many years now. Recently I got pointed on the new version of - awesome! This thing can already do more than I ever had hoped to get on stage 0.1.

This session will be in English, if we succeed in bringing the devs of radar in, too (we'd need ideally a spider microphone for that, anyone?)
Otherwise we can also do all this in German, sure.

The plan(tm) for the workshop:
- Introduce Radar (ideally you'd checked it out beforehand, too)
- Brainstorming possible features (ideally you thought about that beforehand, too)
- Discussing / prioritizing them
- Collecting events and list of events worldwide and their conducting groups
- Creating the plan(tm) how we go on

You can give us a hand by just participating to the workshop - but please also consider to take part of this project long term. Also do point others, who might be interested but not on site at easterhegg on this. Hopefully we'll be able to bring ppl in remotely, too.


Tag: 16.04.2017
Anfang: 20:30 Uhr
Dauer: 01:30
Raum: Kegelbahn

Sprache: en


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